Phuket's first and largest Mini Thailand, called "Thalang Maneekram", a Thai Cultural City with ​​over 76,000 square meters in unique architecture of local Phuket with the combination of Thai culture design, it is going to become a new tourist attraction and a new landmark of Southern Thailand.


Experience the new touch of Thai culture in our well-equipped mini Thailand with revolving activities of art, tradition and culture of each region in Thailand for everyone to enjoy throughout 365 days.



Aside enjoying our cultural activities, Thalang Maneekram is well-served for Thai famous dishes in the concepts of Street Food that are hard to find and made fresh daily compiled from each region of Thailand. Also indulge the tasty food of Phuket specialties made from the local to your dish.



Our main objective is to support the SME entrepreneurs and OTOP products of villagers in the community to expand more channels to promote Thai products worldwide, and also including world-class brands. We believe to become a place where people come to visit, eat, shop and play throughout the day.



Visitors: 17,936